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I thoroughly enjoy working on my own projects and being my own boss, but as a sole trader, I rely heavily on the help and encouragement of family, friends, and customers.

The obvious way to support me is to buy my book or from my store, but there are a number of other ways you can support my adventures beyond that!

  1. Following my social media pages and sharing my posts significantly increases my online presence. You may not need the services of a dizzy, blue-haired, warbling witch-artist, but someone on your friends list might!
  2. Come to my gigs! You can find out when I’m next performing by checking out my Appearances page.
  3. I go through a LOT of ingredients and I’m constantly replenishing my supplies. If you’re feeling generous, check out my Suppliers page and send me a gift card.
  4. If you have read my novel, The Aria of She, please leave a review on the platform you bought it from. Reader reviews have a huge impact on people’s likelihood of buying. They are also used by agents, publishers, and media outlets to discover upcoming and popular books to promote.
  5. If you have bought any of my items from Etsy, please leave a review when you are prompted to. The more reviews I have, the better placement I will have in people’s searches.
  6. Bought something of mine and loved it? Rave about it on your on social media accounts and tag me!
  7. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and (if you enjoy them) share my videos!
  8. Follow my Spotify playlists to see the inspiration behind The Crecita Chronicles.
  9. Sometimes, artists just need a little rocket fuel to keep us going. If you’d like to treat me to a coffee or a slice of cake, you can send me a PayPal tip by clicking the button below. If you’re feeling generous and want to send more than £3, you can send your own amount through PayPal to

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