My Promise

I’m no eco-warrior and I’m not perfect. I’m just one, small witch living in South East England, trying to make both a living and a positive impact on the world around me. Keeping the two things in balance can feel like an impossible task at times, but I’m constantly educating myself on how I can live and work as responsibly as possible.

Integrity is extremely important to me. Every part of my business has been built around my own personal principles. I believe we should all take active steps to reduce our impact on the environment, as well as accepting individual responsibility for how and where we shop. The onward impact of our personal spending habits can be huge, and many of us have no idea what we are contributing to in other parts of the world! On a daily basis, our purchases contribute towards child labour, slave labour, animal cruelty, dangerous working conditions, discrimination, criminal organisations, human trafficking, and much more. As such, it’s really important to me that the products I make and sell are as ethically and responsibly made as possible.

Here in Great Britain, we have pretty good standards in respect of product testing, ethical supply chains, and anti-slavery policies, but that doesn’t mean that everything we have access to is automatically ethically or responsibly sourced/made – not by a long shot! For example, the 2020 Boohoo scandal shone an interesting light on the harmful effects of fast fashion and on corporate greed in the UK.

I’d be the biggest hypocrite if I didn’t apply my personal standards as a consumer to the way I operate my business. With this in mind, I have created a code of conduct to work to. It’s my promise to you and to Mother Nature that my small corner of the Universe will cause as little harm to the environment and other living creatures as possible.

  1. Buy British: Sourcing my supplies from British companies not only benefits the economy that I live in, it means each item I make has a lower carbon footprint from its creation to your doorstep. I buy British wherever possible and when I have to buy from abroad, I use companies that offset their carbon emissions.
  2. Support other sole traders and small businesses: As a sole trader, I fully appreciate the time, energy, and funds required to keep our dreams alive. I try to support as many small businesses as I can, within my means.
  3. Offseting carbon emissions: Using Treeapp and WWF My Footprint, I am actively working towards living and working in a way that limits my impact on the environment. By the end of 2022, I aim to be 100% carbon neutral (or better!) across my business and personal life, and I will share my end results, whatever the outcome.
  4. Research: I ensure I have as broad an understanding as possible of the companies I buy from, their manufacturing processes, and their supply chain, so that you know the finished Creative Chaos products are responsibly and sustainably created from concept to delivery. I also research the ingredients I use to ensure they have fair and sustainable origins.
  5. No single-use plastic: I do not use any single-use plastic in the creation process or packaging of my Creative Chaos products. Some of my suppliers use small amounts of plastic in their packaging, which I reuse and/or recycle where possible.
  6. Eco-friendly, recycled, & recyclable: I use paper, cardboard, glass, hemp, jute burlap, aluminium, and compostable cellophane product packaging. I use kraft tape, paper, and cardboard postage packaging. I buy recycled products where possible. Currently, the only non-recyclable materials I use are the adhesive product stickers, and the plastic lids on the Perfume Oils and Oil Blends. I encourage all customers to reuse bottles after use and the printing company I buy from has a strong environmental policy.
  7. Vegan-friendly: I only use this term when I am certain no animal bi-products are in the finished product; however, most of my products are made in a kitchen that is used for meat preparation. Although I store all utensils and ingredients away from any food, and I disinfect everything before each use, I cannot guarantee there is no cross-contamination.
  8. Mica powder: Currently, mica is only used in some of my wax melts, with future plans to include it in candles and resin projects. I buy mica powder from Resin8 who have an established, ethical supply chain and do not source any mica from Indian mines. At any time their products are unavailable, no substitute will be used – the Creative Chaos range will be crafted without the added colours. All affected listings will be updated accordingly.
  9. Amazon: The keen-eyed few will notice my novel is available on Amazon. My publisher, AuthorHouse, have an established relationship with Amazon and the listing was an automatic inclusion as part of my package. I have also bought some of my supplies from Amazon in the past. Until recently, I wasn’t aware of the full extent of Amazon’s unethical practices around the world, and since reading up on the topic, I no longer use Amazon marketplace to source any of my supplies.
  10. Palm Oil: I never add palm oil to any of my products, not even responsibly sourced palm oil. The products I sell are easily and economically made using other fats and oils that have a less damaging impact on the environment.

If you’re interested in knowing what companies make up my supply chain, you can visit my Suppliers where I provide links to all the companies I use.



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