I am so excited to announce the newest cog in the Creative Chaos machine!

I am now the proud owner of an Etsy store – and I’m feeling rather pleased with myself about it! If you enjoy recreating spa treatments from the comfort of your own home, check out my range of handmade skincare, bath, and relaxation products!

I’ve been a lover of making my own pamper products for a while now. Where possible, I try to limit how many harsh or synthetic chemicals and allergens I put on and in my body. I’m a firm believer that nature gives us everything need to be at our pampered princess best!! But organic and natural made products can be pricey and when the first 2020 lockdown hit, like many people, I was forced to cut back on my little luxuries. I started looking for other ways I could treat myself without the price tag I could no longer justify, and this lead me down the path of making my own products at home.

After a while, I began gifting some of these items to friends and family, and I was delighted – if a little surprised – to get really great feedback from my loved ones! Eventually, I began thinking about how I might turn my hobby into a source of income, but as a singer and an author around a full-time job, I was already finding it increasingly difficult to separate out each aspect of my life and run them efficiently. Then, over Christmas 2021, I had a lightbulb moment – why treat each of my paths as a separate entity? First and foremost, I am a creator, so at the beginning of 2022, I combined all of my creative interests under one brand and LMB | Creative Chaos was born!

I firmly believe that we should all be doing what we can to reduce our personal impact on the environment, as well as having a social responsibilty to help the less fortunate and underprivileged within our own means. No one person can save the world alone, but if everyone made one small change in their day-to-day lives to live more ethically or sustainably, the large-scale impact around the globe would be significant.

I currently have a small, core item list available on Etsy, with plans to extend the range quite substantially as we move into the summer!

If you’d like to support my new adventure but pamper products aren’t for you, check out my Support page for more information!

LMBCreativeChaos on Etsy!