The Crecita Chronicles

The Crecita Chronicles is an ongoing urban fantasy series by L. Margetts-Bullock. Set on the fictional planet of Crecita, The Aria of She follows a 21-year old Siren and her descent into chaos and violence after her coming of age.

The Crecita Chronicles: The Aria of She
by L. Margetts-Bullock

The Aria of She began life as a standalone novella under a different name. It was my first attempt at original fiction and was never intended to be anything other than a learning exercise. Many years later, I allowed my (now) wife to read the story and was eventually persuaded to work on it again. It would become a passion project that I picked up and abandoned repeatedly over the course of another 6-7 years, until it was finally published under its new title in November 2020.

During the extensive rewriting and editing process, I began to have further thoughts of what might happen to my protagonist, Blaise De’Yanira, after the events of The Aria of She. Fleeting ideas quickly became working plot points, and before the first book was even finished, I had a comprehensive timeline for another four books!

I am currently working on the second instalment with a projected release date in 2023!