The Aria of She

“The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.” ~ Isabel Allende

Well… the last few days have been a wild ride, to say the least!

It’s taken a while to sink in – denial has been doing it’s thing, big time! – but I think I’m finally beginning to accept that The Aria of She is actually available RIGHT NOW!! You can find the links under my Buy Now! page.

The Crecita Chronicles: The Aria of She by L. Margetts-Bullock

The final stages of the production process raced by at the speed of light. This was, in part, due to my misunderstanding of some of the estimated timescales I’d been provided with, but most of it was simply that my publisher, AuthorHouse, were outstanding. They turned my design files around and applied my corrections at lightning fast speed, so what I anticipated would take 3-4 weeks to complete took just a little over a week.

I haven’t yet seen my book with my own eyes; I’m still waiting on my copies to be delivered. All the work I have been doing with AuthorHouse has been via email so as of right now, I’ve only seen the digital files. It seems not only likely, but probable by this point that many of you will actually receive your copies before I will! The Aries in me is more than a little jealous of that, but I’m so excited that people finally get to welcome Blaise and her family into their hearts that I can deal with it.

The amount of support and well wishes I have received over the last few days has blown my mind! I’ve always been very fortunate to have a wide circle of friends and family around me, but I truly didn’t expect the outpouring of love that this adventure has stirred up. I’m getting messages and comments at all times of the day and night; screenshots of people’s order confirmations, asking me when the eBook is being released, saying they’re going to gift my book to people they know for Christmas and birthdays. People are sharing and sharing and sharing my posts, sending the links to their friends and family, encouraging others to support my project. That I’m aware of, I’ve already sold copies in UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, and Switzerland – that’s in TWO. DAYS. “Blessed” just doesn’t cut it. I’m the luckiest damn girl in the world!!

Releasing a novel as a debut author is a tough gig, no matter when you take the plunge, but in this very trying year, with a new virus and lockdowns and furlough and job losses and closures, it’s even tougher. Please know that if you’re not in a position to buy my book at the moment, simply liking, sharing, and commenting on my social media posts helps enormously! Tag your bestie in the comments, email my website link to your aunt in Phuket, tell your next door neighbour over the fence, suggest my work to your local book club. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising!

And if you are in a position to purchase a copy, or already have, firstly THANK YOU SO MUCH!! And secondly, I’m just dying to see and hear your reactions. I’d love to see delivery day photos and selfies from your sofa, book reviews and speculations about what is to come from the rest of The Crecita Chronicles series. I want to see it all!

Reading and writing have always been my escape from reality, particularly during the darkest times in my life, and if my book can offer the same respite to just one person, I’ve done my job right.

Love & light,

Loz x

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